It's about my penis.
Re: Ben Folds
My mom: Are you going to marry him?
Me: No (yes, obv.)
My mom: Then stop spending money on him.


Ben Folds though

Ben Folds though

I told my mom today that I didn’t want to open this container thing because I didn’t want to mess up my nails and my mom responded with “BEN FOLDS IS NOT GOING TO SEE YOUR NAILS”


I bought Whatever and Ever Amen from there and realised when I got home that it was one of the earlier releases because it has all the sound mistakes in it that were later taken out and that’s pretty cool

Did you know you could customize m&msthat’s cool

Did you know you could customize m&ms
that’s cool

there is a lot of penfolds wine in my house
so close yet so far 


Ben Folds - Lonely Christmas Eve

underappreciated seasonal ddobf posts


Ben Folds and Mark Hoppus - Happy Holidays You Bastard


Ben Folds and Sara Bareilles - Baby It’s Cold Outside

I guess I should reblog this